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Monday, April 9, 2012

Real Life Miracles/Experiences of Shirdi SAI BABA

                                             Real Life Miracles/Experiences of Shirdi SAI BABA
- By Sridhar Rangaswamy

I originally hail from a very ardent and devout Brahmin Iyengar Family of Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli District in Tamil Nadu State, India.  My family is a firm and staunch believer in Lord Vishnu and my great grand father was the 37th Azhagiya Singar, which means that they were the Guru/Preachers in the Lord Vishnus Gurukulam. My family was the privileged one, who was supposed to enter Lord Ranganatha’s Temple first and get the darshan and receive the HOLY WATER before the other devotees could do so.

Apart from my rich family history and a strong religious lineage, I was an Atheist/Agnostic and skeptical about the existence of GOD, though I strongly believed in equality among human beings, irrespective of religion, race caste or creed. I am a firm believer of the fact that in order to be a True Brahmin, one should practice and preach Brahmanism through words, deeds and action. This has also been enumerated in Sai Satcharitha and in the preachings of Shirdi Sai Baba.

In my entire family, nobody from my fathers' or mothers' side have ever heard, seen or experienced anything about SHIRDI SAI BABA and neither of them have introduced or told me about Shirdi Sai Baba ever.

In December 1994, I started as a Senior Programmer in Vishesh Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore India.  I come from an Arts (English Literature) Background and this was a Software Firm, so one can well imagine how I could have got this job! Prior to this job, I had a history of failures in my Professional career.

Hence, I wanted to be on my own and prove my family and friends that a Non Technical person can perform any Technical job like any technical person.  With this firm faith, belief and conviction, I took up the gauntlet to prove the above dictum and perception wrong.

Since, I had no Software/Technical Background, and I was totally ignorant of the technicalities of the job, still I decided to give it a shot. But on the first day, I was given some technical assignment, which I could not perform. My struggle for the technical job continued for some days, after which I was told if I don’t complete the assignment by tomorrow, I would be thrown out of the job.  Feeling totally frustrated and upset, I walked back to the Ulsoor Guru Prasad Lodge, where I was staying and I remember it very well that it was a Thursday. Walking back with a heavy heart and engrossed in my own thoughts, somehow my footsteps re- traced itself to the Shirdi SAI Baba Mandir in Ulsoor, Bangalore, which was situated on the same road.

I would have traversed the same road umpteen times, but I could never ever see the Sai Temple which was right there, but that day, I could not only see it, but something within me pulled me towards the Temple. It was a strange feeling and I found that the Bhajans were being sung and the atmosphere was so sacred, angelic and divine that I couldnot stop myself from entering the temple.

An old man from no where, came to me and handed over a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba and asked me to believe in HIM totally. I have still preserved that picture with me till date.

Feeling intrigued, I asked the old man, whether, I would go abroad. To which he replied in affirmative and said that within a year from then, I would surely go abroad. His words proved prophetic and in December 1995 I had a chance to go to Germany and here again for a technical job.

Well, the next day at Vishesh Technologies Pvt , being my last day and so I went to work with confused thoughts and no hopes. It was a miracle that day, I could perform all the work of the previous day and also successfully completed some difficult forms.  Not only did I retain my job, but, I was made the Project leader, within a week. Within few days of my job, Later I got hired by Grafische Informatik in Germany in 1995 and moved abroad once for all. This was later followed my trip to Singapore, and finally to the USA.

I can keep writing pages after pages about Baba's leelas and miracles in my life, but I must cut short as brevity is the soul of consciousness.

Its an amazing and awesome saga of how an ordinary person can be catapulted into something, so diverse, distinct and alien to become a part and parcel of his living just by the divine intervention of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Without Babas grace and help, Sai Sharan could not have formed at all. Earlier it was called Sai Darbar, Orlando in 1999. It was rechristened as " Sai Sharan " in September 2001 after meeting few Holy Gurus from different parts of the World. The Organization has been conducting several Shirdi Sai Utsavs beginning from October 2003.

I did not approach any CPA nor an Attorney to get this 501©(3), being the Non Profit Status for the Organization. I could do it on my own just because of Sai Baba's grace, blessings and invocation.

I am also recognized as a Priest here and was invited to attend the Conference of Pastors from all over the US, here in Florida, early this year.  All these miracles and marvelous occurrences could not have been possible without the kindness, benevolence and magnanimity of Lord Shirdi Sai BABA.

I was also asked by the Editor of Sai Leela Times-New Delhi Edition to write some articles on my real life miracles on Shirdi Sai Baba.

This article would not have been possible without Sai Baba's kind indulgence and intervention. I bow my head to the Lord and my Savior in life and for His kindness and mercy; I shall always remain humbled and indebted.

JaiSaiRam !!!
thanks again.

Sridhar Rangaswamy