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Monday, January 26, 2015

Surrender your mind completely to God.

Author : Ramya.H for SaibabaDaily.com

Our mind is a trickster. It conjures us and lures us into many unwanted and unnecessary thoughts and makes feel low and rejected. It diverts our concentration and leaves us confused. The reason mind masters us is all because of us. When we let the mind to wander, we allow it to become our master. When we make the mind as our master, it will turn our thoughts in different directions according to its wish. Once our mind takes control of us, we become completely surrendered to it and act according to what it says.

The only way to make your mind your slave is to stop it completely from thinking and generating thoughts. When the mind starts to think, it starts to draw comparisons about you and others. It makes us to compare our salary with that of others. In addition to this, it turns our basic needs into desires thus making us greedy and jealousy. Once our basic needs get fulfilled, it makes us to think of higher needs that are nothing but desires. We need to draw a line between needs and desires. This is completely impossible as long as our mind masters our thoughts.

To make the mind your slave, think of God alone. Do not allow your mind to think of anything else. Whenever your mind starts to wander on its own, bring it back to this world and control it by replacing the thoughts with God. Gradually, the mind will start to calm down on its own and also reduces generating unwanted thoughts. When the mind is at peace, we can realize the presence of God. A disturbed mind can never experience peace. To experience peace, always think and act on all the positive thoughts that enter you mind. Implementing a positive thought is a very difficult task as we need to sacrifice many things. But once we master the art of implementing positive ways, our mind gets surrendered to God completely. By encouraging positive thoughts in your mind, you invoke positive thoughts in the people around you. The environment around you will be filled with positive and divine vibrations, thus making everyone to experience these vibrations.

Positivity paves way for you to merge into God. God is nothing but a force of infinite positive vibrations. To surrender to Him, we need to possess a certain amount of positivity with us. We need to eliminate all the negative thoughts in our mind and make it to focus only on God. We need to train our mind to leave worldly possessions and catch hold of spiritual possessions. Once the mind catches hold of spiritual possessions, you will slowly surrender all your actions to God and dedicate your life completely to Him. 

When you surrender to God completely and dedicate your life to Him, He will take care of you in every possible way before you even open up about your problems to Him!