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The main objective, purpose and aim of this blog is to spread, educate and promote the principles, beliefs and teachings of the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba based on humility, devotion, service and equality among one and all.

“Baba has the perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it is worth the wait.”

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Realize that Baba is Unique

Man has to make the best use of available time. We should always try to focus our mind on God. Even though we are busily engaged in selfless service, our minds should always think of God. We should not stop remembering God simply because we are engaged in social service.

Slowly, the egoistic feeling that 'I' am doing work' will dominate the mind. It causes us to forget God who made us as His instruments to accomplish His great purpose. When ego gets bloated, we may lose the spirit of spirituality in our service. Deprived of the spirit of service, we may get alienated from God. In whatever work we are engaged in, we must always chant Baba's name and remember that Baba pervades in all beings and everywhere. To serve all is to serve Sai, the Omnipresent One.

The devotion to God should not be like the dress we change everyday but should become the breath of our lives. 'Before you get to work, offer it to me'.... these words of Baba have to be kept in mind. If we can constantly chant His name while engaged in work, Baba will make it successful and Himself decides the due returns for it.
It is Baba who does and gets the work done through us. Even the receiver and the active force of help is Baba alone.

In our spiritual practice, we must bear in mind the truth that Sai is the Prime Mover of our lives.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Harshness is even Justified at Times

If we always remember Sai, we cannot behave harshly, since our hearts would be filled with the soft qualities like mercy, love and tolerance. Then, how could we survive in this deceptive world? Our superiors and peers may take a lenient view. Sometimes we may not be able to run the family in a right direction. We should be soft-hearted; but, if need arises, harshness should be made an option.

A mystic preached a snake-turned-yogi to be gentle. When the snake was harshly treated by people, the yogi chided the snake and spoke to it as, "I asked you not to bite anyone; but did I ask you not to hiss?" He wanted the snake to pose angry looks. Sometimes a mother, father or teacher might chide a child and their anger is not a mark of hatred, but is only meant for the welfare of the child. Although it appears harsh outside, it is love inside. A master might reprimand the servant, which is not with hate or vengeance. The master's intention is to improve his skill and make him progress in his career.
At times, Baba looked angry but then He declared that He would never get angry with His children. It means, the anger is not on His devotees but only on the adverse conditions. With His one shout, sufferings, diseases and problems of His devotees took to heels. The Merciful Baba delights in protecting His devotees.

Chavadi Celebration

In Shirdi, after the Samadhi Mandir, the most important sacred place to visit is Chavadi. Baba used to sleep there on alternate days. One day, some devotees sent a palanquin for Baba from Vardha region.

Raghuveera Purandhare decorated it with beautiful flowers. But Baba did not agree to mount it. Instead, they kept Baba's wooden footwear in it and took out a procession. Sai, being a kind mother, approved the celebration.

The Chavadi celebration is observed on alternate days since 10th December, 1909, without break. Before the great celebration done in the honour of Baba, Abdullah and Radhakrishna Mayee used to clean and wash the streets and adorn them with colorful patterns on the floor.

There would be a festive occasion with drums, chorales with hand-drums, torches and lights. Clothes would be spread from the Masjid to the Chavadi. Tatya would hold Baba's hands and make Him get up from His seat. He would honour Baba by covering Him with a gold-embroidered shawl. Baba would get ready for the procession towards the Chavadi with a baton (satka) under His arm-pit and a clay smoking pipe in His hand.

Sai Maharaj was escorted in a majestic manner by the devotees and accompanied by His royal horse Shyamakarna. They were fortunate to see that glorious day and let us recall the event, rejoice and be blessed.

Remain With Me Forever, Baba !

Allow me to walk along with You
But oh, how tall are You to my view
I pull Your hand, why don't You bend
I shall put a pathetic face, see, If You won't bend
See, Your height with mine is but equivalent
Into my eyes, yes, You will see, isn't it?
Those looks, in fact, appear very fondly
Resembling the cheer of mother-father jointly.
The feeding hand of mother, the kissing lips of father
Your love enormous is boundless, similar to theirs
Endearing, certainly charming is Your smile
Hereafter, You should stay with me all the while.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baba is Omniscient

"Sat", means that which exists forever and is in everything and everywhere. Thus, it is the Supreme Soul which remains immortal. Like God who has the power to burn our sins to ashes, even truth, like fire, has such power.

Although there are several bad qualities in us, we must make up our mind that "I will not speak falsehood. I always stand for truth". If purifying seeds are dropped into the muddy waters, they will absorb the impurities and purify the water.

Likewise, the one virtue of telling the truth will rid humans of all bad qualities. It is the mind that does many bad things than our actions. Though we invite a guest, in the mind we think 'this fellow has come now and might not leave without having food'. Speaking truth is like unlocking the heart and so we should give up bad thoughts.

Thus, a good thought gradually increases the right action and determination and removes all the vices from us. Baba resisted the evil-minded from entering Dwarakamayi. He is Omniscient and can read the thoughts of everyone in any corner of the world. However, being the Merciful Father, Baba dispels the evil forces from devotees' hearts, before taking them closer to Him. Siddique Phalke is one such example. If we enthrone truth in our hearts, Baba showers His love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Believers of Baba are Blessed With Bliss

God is the embodiment of love. Even the ever-glowing spirit of light in the hearts of people is a spark of the Divine Spirit. Therefore, people with unique love for God and strong determination will serve the entire multitude of species with love.

Baba takes care of every need of those who serve the society as a manifestation of Sai.

Not merely fulfilling our desires but keeping an eye on our future, Baba will offer whatever help we need. We have to serve Baba with love, devotion and obedience, but not pretend devotion for selfish gains.Baba is Omnipresent. He can read our minds even before we could speak.

Thus, He forbade many pseudo-devotees from climbing the Masjid steps.
But devotees with pure heart and love were rescued by Baba even though they were far away.

The moment we whole-heartedly cry, 'Baba! You are my everything', that very moment we are enlisted into His family.

Then,our family will be secure and peaceful behind the protective shield of Baba. Even such of the families that render service to Baba's devotees with faith in Him are not only put on the right path but their responsibilities are shouldered by Baba. He will even groom their children grow into good citizens. Their families will prosper and live in ever-new joy.

If we worship Baba with firm faith and love, He will always protect our families.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Devotion of God

To shower His grace on His children, the Compassionate God will reduce His infinite power and imprison Himself in the little frame of the human body made of five elements and live with us.

How blessed are we, the individuals, who receive such a glorious opportunity!

They are blessed who saw God Sai with their own eyes, touched Him with their hands, heard His words, talked to their heart's content with Him and received the sanctified food served by Baba.
When grief wells up in one's mind that one was not alive to be with Baba, Baba appears in one form or the other to His devotees saying "I am with you even now". True devotion is the pre-requisite to get blessed by Baba.Elders say that devotion means service and pure love for God.

Mhalsapathy did not ask for any boon from Baba. He felt that he was in Baba's presence always. It is supreme love of a devotee. Mhalsapathy, indeed, experienced unalloyed bliss by Baba's Grace. Though Gadadhara was not literate, he ardently prayed for God-realization. Guru Tothapuri guided him on the right path. Innocent Gadadhara was, thus, transformed into Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Devotion devoid of a steady mind is of no use.

If one surrenders to the All-Merciful God in total love and devotion, God Himself will get self-imprisoned in the hearts of such ardent devotees and liberates their fettered.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baba is the Embodiment of Peace

Upasani Baba, a saint and disciple of Sai, included a stanza in his hymn on the glory of Sri Sainath. It reads "Aham bhava heenam prasannatma bhavam" which means 'one who is without ego has a soul serene'.

A Perfect Master like Sri Sai, God Incarnate, who has consciousness of oneness, has no limited feeling of 'I'ness. Although He lived like an ordinary, mortal man, He did not have attachment to His body. He did not wish that everyone should reverentially treat Him or glorify Him.

A man called Nanavalli came to Sai Baba, who is revered by many as a Guru, and spoke impudently "Get out of Your seat, I must sit". Baba did not get angry or annoyed. With a calm smile, He got up and offered His seat to him. Nanavalli sat on the seat for a while, got up and prostrated before Baba and left.

What would we have done if we were in the place of Baba? We would have thought of Nanavalli as an arrogant, mad fellow. The lesson we can draw from Baba's gesture is this; if someone, taking pride in one's wealth, possessions and pomp, hurts or humiliates us, we should treat such persons and such situations as trivial and temporary as we constantly remember Sai and see Him in all as the Eternal One. We must pull out a man caught in the flame of arrogance. We can do so when we are cool-headed and remember Sai, the Abode of Serene Peace.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Trying Times, wait for Baba's Command

At times,even the greatest people face toughest situations. When the devotees of Baba are caught in between situations like 'the devil and the deep sea,' they would not hasten to overcome them. They pray to Baba to help them in crossing it. They would wait with patience till help reaches them.

They know that Baba's help would come to them at the right time. But, whether one should wait minutes, hours or days will be decided by Baba.

Sometimes the nature of ego "myself" will provoke a man to feel impatient. So, we should not hasten to conclude that help is not forthcoming. We should sincerely wait with patience and tolerance till the situation improves.

Baba is the Omniscient and is present everywhere. It is He, who decides what work to be done and at what time.

Do we continue the car journey when a thick blanket of fog envelops the path? If a valley is noticed on the side and thick fog in front, people with presence of mind and endurance would stop the car and wait till the fog melts away.
Likewise, if we patiently wait for Baba's help in times of trouble, the problems would melt like snow. Our path of life becomes trouble-free.

Baba used to ask the devotees to offer two coins, viz, faith and patience. Having faith in Baba, if we wait patiently, He will guide us safely and successfully to reach our destination.

Helping the Needy makes a Meaningful Life

Some of the saintly people seen in the present day world were just ordinary people once. The present day sages, like common people, were ordinary human beings once. They gladly go out with a happy heart and a sense of duty, and help and serve the needy wherever and whenever they are called upon. They are readily available to reach out to the helpless at any time and lend their helping hand willingly. These good Samaritans move about in such a manner that even the beneficiaries are unaware of their presence amongst them.

But there are some people who are always engrossed in selfish pursuits and do not find time to spare for others.

When we believe that God dwells in all, we will come to know the dire needs of people and would happily help them. God will appreciate and bless such good people by infusing sufficient energy into them to undertake even major projects of human welfare. This should be treated as a boon and we should spare our time, money, talents in the selfless service of others' welfare.

Of what use one's wealth hoarded and one's talents not put to better the lives of others?

Wealth hoarded and talents untapped are a sheer waste. Baba, the Ocean of Love, dwells in the hearts of those that move around and serve the needy wherever they are and makes their lives worthier.