What God gives is never exhausted and what man gives never lasts !

The main objective, purpose and aim of this blog is to spread, educate and promote the principles, beliefs and teachings of the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba based on humility, devotion, service and equality among one and all.

“Baba has the perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it is worth the wait.”

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only the Creator Heals


It is God who created the Universe. It is again His responsibility to sustain and protect the entire world. So, we have to realize the truth that the destinies of our lives are shaped by Him and we move under His command. We make use of many machines.

They are the great creations of scientists. God has endowed the scientists with the creative intelligence to make such wonderful inventions. When a machine breaks down, it has to be taken to its manufacturer so that it not only gets repaired but works for a longer time.

Even our body is like a machine. The repairs we make to the body machine are called diseases we suffer from and the disorder caused to our body-machines. Our ill-treatment of the body causes its illness.We have to pay the wages of sin by suffering from diseases. We rush to a doctor scared of our sickness. The medicines doctor prescribe might restore our health.

But, the will of Sainath is required to get services of the doctor in time or the doctor prescribes the right drug for cure. We must realize that repentance, devotion and faith in God will remove our sins. One devotee was suffering from a cancerous tumour on his body. He thought it would be better to die rather than bear the pain; but, then, Baba cured it with His sacred ash. When the Merciful Baba is there, there is no medicine so effective as Baba's Udhi.

The giver ever remains Happier than the receiver. 
A purified mind is a friend indeed.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

If We follow Health Rules, we can never fall Sick

Human life is a great boon. We should do virtuous deeds with this body, purify the soul and reach God. Thus, our body which is meant for getting liberation from the cycle of birth and death should be carefully taken care of. But it does not mean that we must have too much attachment with the body. 
Both the body and mind must be kept pure. We should purify the heart as soon as we wake up in the morning. Proper food and exercise will keep the body fit and healthy. Only when the body is healthy, the mind too can be firm and longs to meditate on Baba.
Talkativeness breeds troubles. So, we should speak to the point in a pleasant tone. 
Our conduct is also important to our health. Just as the dragon-fly sucks nectar without disturbing the pollen, so also we should behave without hurting others. We should take fresh and tasty food in limited quantities. But some people observe fast in the name of devotion. But, Baba never encouraged such practice. By ensuring discipline during the day, we have to take limited food at dusk and meditate for a while on Baba before going to bed. 
Rules that regulate and restrain our body and mind, help keep them healthier too. Those who have the wealth of health can peacefully render service to Baba and the society. We should not ignore the truth that by using this mortal body we can reach the eternal abode of Baba.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Right Conduct Draws the Blessings of Baba

The unique and marvellous gift for mankind rests only in reaching the permanent abode of God.

How many are the fortunate souls who can attain that blessed state? For this purpose, some would render selfless service. Some would make many sacrifices. Yet others spend till their last pie in charity.

Only a very few of them will get recognition, name and fame, rewards and honours. Some people cannot reach any noble status in this life nor receive any honours or appreciation.

But, one need not repent. The reason behind our deeds may not be known to others, but the Supreme Lord knows everything.God dwells in every place. He can precisely calculate the good and bad deeds of ours. He would give the required result according to the meritorious and evil actions of humans. Even if the world blames or reproaches God-loving people who perform noble actions, ultimately they get the blessings and appreciation of Baba.

One may feign to be a virtuous person and get a good name. But he can never deserve the Divine Grace of the All-knowing and All-Seeing Baba. Thus, there is no point in ostentatious activities, and to reach Baba one must obey the Master’s command and render selfless social service.

Those who believe in Baba will live in peace, get united with God and experience enduring happiness in the abode of God.