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“Baba has the perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it is worth the wait.”

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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Avatar of Lord Dattatreya Sage

Athri, personified satvic or pure good nature and transcended the three gunas. Anasuya, the devout consort of Athri, conquered envy, the mother of all vice.  
The Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, took birth as Dattatreya, to the couple Athri and Anasuya, pleased of their pure devotion. God thought of the need for a Guru who will serve as the guiding light to humans, whose minds, clouded by ignorance, were unable to discern what is good and bad and put them on the righteous path. 
God manifested as Dattatreya, the form of Sat, Truth, Chit, Knowledge and Ananada, Bliss and initiated the lineage of Guru. The mission of Datta Avatara is to give all access to the spiritual wealth. Thus, He taught Self-Knowledge to the worthy and groomed them to become teachers of wisdom.
Lord Dattatreya observed the changes that were taking place in society, adapted His form to suit the changing times and incarnated as Akkalkot Maharaj, Nrusimha Saraswathi and Manik Prabhu and liberated people from sins with His wise teachings. 
He lit the lamp of peace by preaching religious tolerance in Shirdi as Sai Baba. People who looked to Sai as an embodiment of all gods and goddesses and as the total incarnation of Dattatreya are being blessed to tread the path of righteousness and joyousness, leading to liberation.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Baba, My Beloved

When someone scolds, weep not child dear
Cause your cheeks may turn pink-petal color
You are sweet, lack nothing dear
If piqued by someone bad, do not vent anger
Keep smiling, O ! My little little child
'cause no one on this earth,
except you is so good,
These soothing words lit confidence in the child
In quest of Baba, love overflowed
Child began admiring, "Baba, our dearest"
And pleaded Baba, be with me always closest.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Faith Means.....

To have faith in God is to install God on the throne of our hearts. Faith means, to trust in the Omnipotence of God and to firmly believe that God answers our prayers. A man of faith stands in firm faith of God when everyone deserts him. Faith means burning the bridges already crossed in order to go ahead firmly. Faith never hesitates to give what it has to. 
Having faith in God today, with similar spirit for tomorrow, is the mark of faith. Faith is the antonym and an antidote to fear. Ways are many, but to repose trust in God is a sign of faith. A man of faith will not rely on his conviction, but abides by God's command.Faith works miracles in one's life and makes the sick healthy. Roots of faith sink deeper and grow stronger by constantly remembering God. In order to erect rock-like faith, we must keep reading the teachings of Baba, have a firm grasp of His message and hold on to His Feet. We must strive to walk in the foot-steps of Sainath. 
To praise Sai in good times, doubt Him and His Grace in bad times cannot make a true Sai devotee. Sri Sai Satcharitra narrates the experiences of many a devotee of faith who were baled out of troubled times and saved by taking refuge at the Feet of Sai. 
If we surrender to Baba believing Him to be our Father and Guiding-Light, He will not only take care of us but guide us to His Abode of Ever-Serene Peace.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Live a Life of Dew-Drop on a Lotus Leaf

The wise say that one should live like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf. God created the lotus leaf in such a manner that it does not get wet by the dew-drop. The lesson that the dew-drop on a lotus leaf teaches us is that we, made up of five elements are part of maya, should live unaffected by illusion (maya).  
Great souls descended on the earth in the form of noble teachers, the pious fakirs, saints and lived among us. They set an example to us as to how to live in the world of illusion, like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf. 
If Lord Rama grieved for his wife Sita or ordered her to pass the test of fire, it was only to uphold the dharma of monogamy of His time, not for Himself. 
Lord Krishna consumed butter and sand, got Himself balanced with basil leaves, bowed to Satyabhama or uttered lie only to uphold the Truth and not for His personal end. 
Likewise, Sadguru Sai begged alms, took money as dakshina, played marbles with kids, feigned anger only for the welfare of the world or good of His devotees. 
The leelas, miracles of Sai, as recorded in the Sai Satcharitra, reveal the secrets of the Supreme Spirit and Divine Delight and guide us live without getting touched by illusion, live like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf-though we live in the world of dualities of joy and sorrow, we learn to rise above them in the light of the life of Sadguru Sainath.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If You seek My Advice and Help, it Shall be Given to you at Once

Sri Sai Baba is not just a great soul but a Path-Finder to His trust-reposing devotees. One may wonder how to get help and advice from Baba when He is physically not present. Time and again Baba practically proved that there exists no difference between Him and His photograph. He is present very nearer to His devotees and they are enveloped in His Love.

If we can feel Sai in the Temple of our Soul, we can hear Baba's Silent Voice of Wisdom and Help. Did not Baba assured us! "I am ever ready to lend My Helping Hand and advice the moment you ask Me". The methods to seek help from Baba are chanting Baba's Name, reading of Sai Satcharitra daily and constantly meditating on His Form.

If we keep the burden of our troubles, doubts, needs on Baba and worship Him in any one of the above modes, a good advice is heard in a helpful manner from our inner self. "Help" too is received. There is nothing like "I or mine".

If we seek shelter in Sai, thinking "remove the illusion and bear the burden", He would come in one or other form and directs us to the right path.

How noble are the words "immediately" which would mean "willing" in that very moment! That Baba is ever ready to help us means, that He would offer instant help and advice to us when we cry for Baba's Grace. 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Should we Fear the Future?

The reason to fear about the future lies in our feeling of insecurity. There is no need for fear if we completely rely on Baba. God would look after our 'tomorrow', once we cast the responsibility on Him. In right spirit we can take anything we receive today, be it pleasure or pain.

Likewise, God might avert our troubles of tomorrow or might as well provide the mental stamina to face them. It would be foolish to worry about them much in advance, because, it is the very God who writes every chapter in the book of life from the prologue to epilogue. Hence, every page is meaningful. It would be enough to trust His feet.

When we have unflinching faith in Baba, He would protect us much like a father who shields His children. He even teaches us the essence of life as a father would to his children.

An astrologer predicted that Tendulkar's son would fail in his examinations as foretold in his horoscope. But his wife went to Shirdi and implored Baba for His Grace. Baba said 'with trust in Me, let him write the exam'. Tendulkar's son wrote the exam with faith in Baba and came out in flying colors.

We too can ignore a matter once we leave it to Baba saying, 'Baba! It's upto You as to how You will solve the problem'. We can keep children around and enjoy narrating them the Leelas of Baba.

Our faith in Baba will stand us in good stead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never loose faith in Baba even if the Heavens fall on you.

Even if Heavens fall down, never loose Faith in Baba. People with undeviating devotion will never deflect their minds from the thought of God and will never forget Him even when they face troubled times or losses. Those who seek God for mere fulfillment of physical desires and wealth will lose confidence the moment the tide turns against them. 
As long as we have plenty of money, people flock us and pose as intimate well-wishers. In trying times, no one would come to our rescue.
In such bad times, even our health might get deteriorated as if the God is testing us. Unmindful of these set-backs, if one prays with firm faith to Baba, the troubles will melt away, much like the mist melting away in the rays of the rising Sun. 
When difficulties engulf you, you should not feel frightened and dejected. Fill your heart with faith in God and pray to Him. At that hour, Baba showers His Grace on you like the beams of light to dispel darkness. Here, your duty is to wait patiently. Let us not lose hope or get disheartened that Baba did not help us at the hour of crisis.
Let us sincerely believe that Baba will remove all the troubles which are a result of our past deeds and the All-Merciful Baba paves a golden path for our bright future. 
This strong faith alone drives away all our fears. Therefore, never lose faith in Baba even if the Heavens fall on you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of What use is Your Hoarded Money?

God created this vast universe and gifted it to mankind to enjoy it. This is a common wealth. But, we, in our greed, would not like to share it with the needy but intend to enjoy it alone. This tendency creates many problems.

We would like to hoard money earned as "wealth asset" and still aim at multiplying it. We want to transfer our riches as inheritance to our children, but never want to share our wealth with others, thereby ignoring a vital aspect here.

The wealth amassed may slip into the hands of thieves or government. The river in which the water always flows would be fresh and pure. It is the nature of water to flow to make it remain normal. Likewise, money not spent for charities but hoarded will become waste and an useless asset.Human beings should cultivate the habit of donating a part of what they earn.

We have to donate to the poor, the old or the handicapped, either in cash or kind. Instead of donating, if we go on hoarding money, there would be no end to greed.

At the end of the day, the money hoarded would be of no use. But, the money spent on the poor would become useful. From this, the satisfaction of rendering timely help to others would come. We have to learn that God gifted us with wealth for this noble purpose. Let us share our wealth with the less fortunate ones. Let us deserve the grace of Beloved Baba, our God.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it

However intimate people are, they might be willing to share our pleasure and wealth but would not like to bear our burdens. Baba assured, He would become everything of theirs and bear their burdens, saying "You keep all your unbearable burdens on Me and be cool. I shall bear them all".

Here, 'burden' means 'weight' which means 'above our capacity to bear'. Baba spoke with motherly love 'cast your entire burden on Me'. Sri Sai assures us that He would bear the burden of those devotees who have unshakable faith and all-enduring patience, who have chosen the path of devotion seeking freedom from attachment to the fruits of one's effort. 

 But, people who indulged in earthly pleasures and attracted by assets and bonds, going into prayer room only when they get into trouble, will not get rid of problems. All of a sudden reaching Shirdi, standing before Samadhi Mandir and demanding "you promised to bear my burden, hence, instantly remove it", will not do! How will it?

Whatever life that we get by the deeds of our previous lives, we should be faithful and earnestly pray to Baba, "Lead us to Your presence, Father!" To Baba, the Almighty One, who bears the gigantic burden of this Vast Universe and guides its varied operations, it is but child's play to Him to bear our burdens. Knowing it, we remain cool by casting our burden on Baba.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shirdi Saibaba - Happy Baba's Day

May Baba Bless Us All

One can enjoy Perfect Health by Baba's Grace

It is said that the lives of theists are devoid of any problems. Sometimes, in spite of the faith in God, one may face hardships as a result of the accumulated sins committed in the past. But, we can understand the acts of God only by firm faith. In fact, 'adversity' provides an opportunity to come more closer to God.

While some problems disturb the mind, others harm the body in the form of disease. If you think, "Baba's blessings are there, why should I fear" and sincerely offer prayers, you will be blessed with good health in return. Baba kept the mentally disturbed Nulkar in Macchindraghad and blessed him with the much sought solace. Tumours on the body, plague and other chronic diseases were cured by Baba's sacred ash.I t is no ordinary boon to be in the presence of Baba. For this, a devotee's heart must be soaked in devotion. The minor irritants are only tests that Baba conducts to mend our ways and turn His believers as ardent devotees. 

With little provocations Baba will scare obedient devotees. Won't children run to the mother and embrace her in fear? Likewise, when devotees seek shelter at Baba's feet, He would hug them, drive their fears away and gives them good health. Hence, the feeling of 'I' should be given up and all our burdens must be placed on His shoulders. Baba, the Compassionate Mother, grants us everlasting peace and joy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teachings of Shirdi Saibaba

Playing Game of Marbles With Baba
Oh children, hear my words attentively,
Marbles is not an easy game to take lightly,
Aiming right, the other marble should be hit,
How to play, should be your mind's ploy instant,
On losing the game, won't you feel like weeping
Won't victory be yours on patiently playing,
With devotion should any work be done,
With right spirit any study should begun,
Forever shall I remain your companion,
It's time to mature into a righteous human.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Helping the Needy is the Great Virtue

To do good to others is to promote their welfare. God bestowed on man the capacity to help the living beings. It is not only our capability but it is our responsibility too.

Helping others is the best of the human Dharma. If one bird gets trapped, many birds flock around it and attract the attention of others so that the trapped bird may be released and saved. If birds have such a good trait of love and concern to help each other, man, blessed with intellect and wisdom, should be more kind and considerate to his fellow beings.

One may help when asked for help. It is God's help if one lends, unasked, his helping hand to the one in distress or in great need. Man should rise to such moral heights. To do good to the one who did good to us is a mark of humanity. It is Baba's philosophy that we should do good to the one who did hurt us. To love our enemies is divine. Selfishness aims at gains for one's self. Great are people who help others at their own loss. God loves such souls of selflessness. 

Ordinary people may help others as long as they do not lose much. Self-interest rules their minds. Some people deliberately hurt others whose success they are jealous of. They hurt others even if they did not lose anything. It is better to avoid the company of the evil-minded.

Only those with a heart full of love will be happy to serve the society. Baba-blessedly, they always live gladly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shirdi Saibaba - Wisdom in Sayings, Proverbs, Messages

'Sayings' refer to a word. It is a medium through which we express our feelings to others. A person's reputation gets enhanced by the power of good words spoken.

Word has power to develop or destroy self-confidence of a person.
At times, words work like good medicine. Words heal sick minds and bodies. Words that teach good and show good are called a 'proverb'.
Some great souls with their mellowed spiritual wisdom have gifted the humanity with gems of truth through words and books. This is the priceless treasure of wisdom entrusted to us.

Baba always taught "although you may not do charity always, but do not scold or drive away those who seek your alms or beg". It is not mere proverb. It is a leading light in our hand that guides our lives. We would say a good word for the benefit of someone. A word thus spoken for the good of others must be beneficial. We should abide by it. Words that warn us to mend our behaviour might appear bitter. Still, they should be implemented. We know how much Damu Anna gained by following Baba's advice by not investing in a trade.

When we are in a dilemma whether to do a work or not, Baba guides us in one form or the other. We should immediately obey and get benefited and saved.
We should, therefore, cultivate the habit of talking less but in a smoother, sweeter, polished manner.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shirdi Saibaba - Shun Craze for Wealth, seek Baba's Refuge

Only Baba can make our hearts happier.
When we derive satisfaction and joy only in the earthly pursuits, truth cannot be perceived. Baba cautioned us not to feel proud of one's transitory wealth. One's soul will be sucked into the whirlpool of worldly desires if one's mind gets trapped by the craze for building big granaries, amassing illegal wealth and hoarding it instead of sharing it with the needy.
Baba narrated a similar story about a rich man and exhorted His devotees not to become so.

When Baba blesses us with abundant wealth, we should not desire it as a permanent asset.
Wealth is like a bubble and people who expect to obtain pleasure and comfort out of riches are the ignorant ones. Money should not stagnate like water in a well. It should be, like a running brook, useful to the society. Thus, the pride of wealth should not overpower the mind. It is sufficient to trust in the divine incarnation of Baba who grants us everything required for a happy life.

The real valuables of life are love, compassion, austerity, truthfulness, obedience and a joyful soul.
We should always pray to Baba to bless us with such spiritual riches and not for the material wealth that glows for a while and perishes. God is the Eternal One.

Gold and silver can fulfil our earthly desires, but cannot buy Baba-Blessed Bliss and His Presence.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Appreciation Redoubles One's Enthusiasm

It is but natural for humans to expect kudos and appreciation for the work accomplished. An appreciative word will redouble enthusiasm and boosts one's self-confidence. For the people suffering from inferiority complex, a word of praise serves as a tonic to their brain and an appropriate pat on their backs will act like a potion of strength. A simple word of praise will lift their confidence and causes a sea-change in their behaviour and makes them reckon their strength.

All said and done, there would be none who would not be happy with words of appreciation. If we speak a word of appreciation of the good deeds of a person, it acts like a fertilizer applied at the right time to the soil and will yield harvest of happiness.If a landlord recognizes a hard-working farmer and appreciates, "You have done well", he feels elated and works with renewed enthusiasm.

Baba used to appreciate His devotees even for little accomplishments in order to bring out their latent talent. It could be in the word-form of appreciation or an article of love for inducing them to do some more good deeds. Baba's philosophy is to give bigger rewards even for a little effort. To seek liberation, it is sufficient to serve the society which is the other image of God.

To get Baba's reward that blesses us live in enduring bliss, we have to appreciate and encourage good deeds.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Baba's Day

Never Disheartened While Reaching Your Goal

The journey of life is nothing but striving to reach our life's goal. We get tired in this long sojourn. Several hurdles are encountered on the way. To overcome them, we need enormous strength of mind. Mind is the source of it. Fearing the advent of obstacles, some people would not start any work and remain where they are. Many of us belong to this category.
They have no desire to grow either materially or spiritually. Some people would start any work with much fan-fare. But one set-back would draw them away from work. They are the weak and the fallen ones. Very few people have the ability to withstand and remain firm in the face of tests or set-backs. They taste success. The difference between them is the resolute mind and endurance.
Body gets nourished by the intake of food. Mind gets strengthened only by practice. The Ever-Compassionate Baba, will grant the much-needed mental strength to His devotees through rigorous practice. Baba says, "Look to Me, Your burden is indeed Mine".
If such assurance of Baba is with us, we can climb any mountain of hardship. Just as the mountaineer takes the support of the rock, the devotee can reach the pinnacle of life with the mighty support of Baba's Grace.
One could face the challenges of life with a stout heart and resolute mind. With Baba's Grace, we can reach the Abode of Self-Liberation.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Better to be in Baba's Consciousness than in ours

It is but human nature to always worry about what others might think of them. We wish to see that people all around should think of us in a positive manner. It is justified to some extent. But, as long as our deeds are good and noble, it is absolutely not necessary to either worry about the views of others or get pained by their hurtful comments. The weeds in the crop spoil the very crop itself.

Likewise, the feelings of hatred and ego will spoil our very existence. The darkness of ego is more darker than natural darkness. To assume that we know everything is like staying in perpetual darkness. There is a nice way to get rid of that darkness and suffering. That is to stop thinking of our own self and start thinking on Baba again and again, through which medium it would become easier to come into light. Causes of fear like inhibitions and cowardice would just vanish, duly replaced by faith in Baba. Then, we can bring into light those who were caught in similar dark chambers.

If we offer all our thoughts to the Merciful Baba, we can surely be freed from turmoil and forgetting ourselves, we can attain a state of serene joy.

All troubles and tears arise only when we get attached to our physical body.

When we shed 'body-consciousness' and get into the Kingdom of 'Divine Consciousness', Baba is visible in every being.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wishes of the Righteous Get Fulfilled by God

God, the All-Watchful, shall never abandon His children in the dark when firm faith is reposed in Him. If we are moving on the path of righteousness by seeking His shelter and serving humanity with a feeling of serving God, He will surely fulfill our desires. But, what kind of desires are fulfilled? Selfish desires meant to harm others will get successfully repulsed by the Omnipotent Baba. He will not even accept our own desires that may harm us. Is it not justified?Will the mother accept the infant's desire to play with fire? God too is like that.

A desire which is not harmful to others and devoid of evil thought will definitely get fulfilled. God cannot bear seeing His children getting hurt. Besides, not only things we justly desire for, but even things we rightly deserve are granted to us without being asked. Instead of seeking boons, if one seeks more devotion and liberation, our Merciful Baba will certainly shower His Divine Grace.

If we meditate on Him with a pure heart, He will grant us not just things asked for but grant us the good things unasked for.
We must understand that if a particular desire is not fulfilled, it is because of the fact that it does no good to us and therefore He did not grant it.

When Baba, who grant boons even without asking for them, is with us, where is the need for asking Him specifically?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Power of God's Name

To worship God, we need some articles of worship and a clean place. Nothing will bar one from chanting God's Name in one's mind. One need not loudly chant the name of "Sai". It is enough if we remember Him in the heart. The repetition of God's name is a very powerful practice. By repeating God's name, a humble cowherd girl could cross an over-flowing river. The soul-felt chanting of the divine name will make God dwell in the devotee's heart. One who constantly and fervently chant God's name will be turned into an ocean of virtues.

Name is like a seed. On sowing it in the soil of human heart, its roots would sink deep and wider and grow into a huge tree. Gradually, the tree absorbs the power of God and turns into a wish-fulfilling tree. A devotee who habitually chants the name of God will get absorbed in God's Love and experience the unalloyed bliss. Just as a father feels delighted to see his children grow up to his stature, so also God makes Himself a captive in the heart of a devotee whose mind always dwells in God.

Let us make the chanting of Sai Name, God who descended to Shirdi, to save mankind from the mire of sins in the Kaliyuga, the very life-breath of our lives.

Wherever and in whatever work we are engaged, in our mind we must constantly chant His Name and undertake works meant for universal welfare.

Trust Your Ability and Pray for God's Support

It would be a misconception to think that we are living by our own ability. Whatever work we do, it should be treated as a work entrusted to us by God. The task should be accomplished as commanded by our Master, Baba. We must remember that the capability of doing it is also gifted by Him. We have to seek Baba's blessings to accomplish the work successfully.

Then, by the grace of Sainath, our abilities will be put to effective use and the task gets performed.When a kid was attempting to lift a load beyond his capacity, his father asked, "Are you making full use of your strength?" The boy impatiently replied "Yes". Again, the father asked "why did you not seek my help?" It means that in times of need if the Heavenly Father Baba's assistance is not sought and utilized, we should realize that we did not tap our capacity to the maximum extent. Though it looks little, Baba's help would indeed be of great help to us.

Hence, we should get ready to receive such help from Baba
. His blessings will make our every effort fruitful. The one who does not receive His help is nothing and only when our hearts are filled with Him, we become true devotees. Before undertaking any mighty task, our foremost duty should be to pray the Almighty, "Baba! I can accomplish the task only with your divine help, co-operation and blessings".

Let not Your Tongue Crave for Varied Tastes

Taking food is common to all living species. But, we should eat only to nourish and take care of our body. We should eat to live and not live to eat. We see some people around us who seem to have taken birth only to eat. They will fly into temper and throw away the dinner plate if a pinch of chilly powder is sprinkled less or rice cooked soft. They abuse the cook who prepared the food. They behave as if they exist only for the sake of food and their life a sheer waste if they are forced to eat tasteless food. Will that food remain forever in the stomach? Such people should remember Baba's teachings.

Baba used to mix up every item of food, such as sweets, puris and curries He brought by begging from houses of devotees, got them sanctified and shared it with whoever came to Him, be a servant or dog or crows etc., and ate only the left-over food, without caring for taste.

Constantly conscious of Sai, we must emulate Sai when we take food.
Whether food cooked in a day is tastier or not, it should be partaken as a gift of Sai. Once we get this feeling, there is nothing to do with tastes. Sai used to take lot of care about the food He cooked and served. He would make the dishes as tasty as possible. The lesson we may draw is that we should never give importance to the taste of food we consume. Yet, we should take utmost care while feeding others.

Devotion is the Master-Key

The keys of iron safe are the symbols of house-holders' control of the house. Along with power, elderliness and responsibility are also linked to it. In fact, the keys must be in the competent and right hands. When such competent people have the quality of compassion, they only care for the welfare of the house. Unaware of the fact that the spiritual wealth concealed within us is far greater than the wealth stored in the safe, we show concern for the wealth hoarded. Body is like an iron safe in which we want to store wealth. Inside it, there is the divine light of the spirit that glows like precious jewels and gems. That is the greatest spiritual treasure of the soul, the Light of God.

To open that great treasure-house, the master-key 'devotion' is given to us. We should humbly treat the devotion-key Baba granted us and use it for self-liberation.In order to unearth the spiritual wealth within us, we should shed pride, sense of helplessness and dedicate our life to chanting Baba's Name.
Instead of making life a battle-ground for acquiring material wealth, if we worship Baba with a deep devotion, destroying our pride and arrogance, we experience ever-new divine bliss. Hence, in order to have the golden vision of the Spirit-Light glowing within the temple of our souls, we need the master-key of 'devotion' to unlock its doors.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avoid hasty decisions, wait for Baba's commands

Some men assume that they have unusual talent and unmatched power to accomplish any Herculean task. Drunk of this arrogant attitude, whatever task they undertake may not always yield the expected results. Self-confidence is good, but it is dangerous when it exceeds the bounds.

The ego will blind us to see the truth that there is the divine power beyond the limits of human ability and power. That is arrogance coupled with ego. Pride is the primary cause of man's down-fall.

When confronted by a certain problem, some people assume that they are capable of tackling it. Without understanding the nature of the problem, they venture hasty decisions, miserably fail and incur loss. But, by praying to Baba, our Living God, we can find solutions to our problems and succeed in our works.We have to realize that neither success nor the grace of Baba can be won in haste.

To get right solutions to our problems from Baba, we need to confidently wait with expectation.

The blooming of a flower or the ripening of a fruit is possible by the will of Baba only. Even it takes some time. Likewise, when our problems get complicated, we have to patiently wait for Baba’s directions. Waiting expectantly is unavoidable.
If we repose firm faith in Baba and pray with deep devotion, Baba helps us solve our intricate problems, is a trice, by His Divine Touch.

The Secret of Happy Life Lies in Doing Works with Utmost Sincerity

Every one longs for and labours to experience happiness in life. But, one does not know where happiness lies or the source from which it could be derived. Even though God shows us the path, we are unable to sight it and experience the natural in-built springs of joy.

For this, Baba showed a simple and natural method.
We must make God know every action we do. In everyday life, we do several "works" for livelihood. Tilling land, cooking food, attending to house-hold chores and upbringing the children etc. If we feel, they are being done for the sake of someone else, they look tough and burdensome.
However, without selfish attitude, if we treat them as a responsibility to accomplish, they do not appear tough to us. Whatever work we are entrusted with has to be done.

If we attend to the work and offer it at the altar of God, the work does not look tough or strenuous. When there is no strain, we need not feel sick or tired. Same work and same effort, but one works joyously. Our thought, word and deed get integrated as our head, heart and hand get involved in the work.

Transparency and purity mark our deeds if they reflect our thoughts. It is Divinity.
Joy wells up within us because the Ever-Joyous Baba dwells within us and we can joyously journey through life.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baba The One Who Performs All Actions

Who would but hold the skies from falling?
Who would but keep the flying planes balancing?
Who would but save the trees from the wind?
Who would but make it possible to walk?
My stumbling grandmother and grandfather ?
How do the moon and stars dangle in the skies?
Why is the sun stationed at such a distance?
Who would but make the dragon-fly and birds fly?
Baba, You are the Performer of all, a player as well .
All this I know, You naughty, I know ,If You are not beside, I grieve, You know

Friday, July 17, 2009

Faith is Baba's Precious Gift to us

Nothing is impossible for those who repose faith in God. Many people think that faith in God can only be cultivated with hard work. If we whole-heartedly pray to Baba, the Supreme Protector, He shall bestow on us the power of firm faith in Him. To develop such strong faith in Baba, we need to constantly chant His Name, recall His Leelas and His assuring words for seeking His Divine Shelter. If we can control our fickle mind by chanting Baba's Name and pondering His teachings, Baba will enlighten us, create a fort of faith in our heart and dwells there.

So, we need not worry as to how faith in Baba should be cultivated. Baba blesses His ardent devotees with the iron will to walk up to Him with upright conduct and thought. Baba is the Supreme Master of the Universe. He is the One who will purge our sins, transform us into the embodiments of pure form of Truth and save us from getting entangled in the cycle of birth and death.

Therefore, like a bud, we must sincerely offer ourselves to Him and devote most of our time to His Service and must also surrender our every thought to Baba.
By the grace of Baba, the budding devotion will blossom into a full-blown flower of faith. As our love for Baba deepens, He will safely take us to the haven of joy and reinforces our faith in Him.
A fervent prayer to Baba moves His heart to be always with us

Speak on Good Topics, when People are Around

Where few people get together, they converse on several topics. Sometimes they speak on good topics, sometimes they indulge in empty gossip. The mind which should always be pure gets contaminated with the filth of words. So, there is no opportunity to contemplate on God.
After sometime, there would be no thought of praying to God. Although our intellect commands us to do so, mind would not put efforts in that direction. This is called pollution of mind. Without a definite goal in life, like a rudderless boat, we roam about getting enticed by attachment, hatred, selfishness and become slaves to our senses.

The power of intellect which stops our degeneration would get weakened. Since things did not happen as we wished, we get despaired and may tend to behave in a beastly manner.

Like a sinner spoiling the pious, bad conduct attempts to bring the downfall of people around us. Baba says, "Opinions differ where people gather". Man is a social being.

So, when several people gather, the temptation to talk on useless subjects should be avoided. Instead, discussing on inspiring topics that help one and all will serve the purpose of leading them on the right path. If anyone tries to speak bad, we must check and teach him to talk good. We should try to inculcate a sense of spirituality and share it with one and all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Realize that Baba is Unique

Man has to make the best use of available time. We should always try to focus our mind on God. Even though we are busily engaged in selfless service, our minds should always think of God. We should not stop remembering God simply because we are engaged in social service.

Slowly, the egoistic feeling that 'I' am doing work' will dominate the mind. It causes us to forget God who made us as His instruments to accomplish His great purpose. When ego gets bloated, we may lose the spirit of spirituality in our service. Deprived of the spirit of service, we may get alienated from God. In whatever work we are engaged in, we must always chant Baba's name and remember that Baba pervades in all beings and everywhere. To serve all is to serve Sai, the Omnipresent One.

The devotion to God should not be like the dress we change everyday but should become the breath of our lives. 'Before you get to work, offer it to me'.... these words of Baba have to be kept in mind. If we can constantly chant His name while engaged in work, Baba will make it successful and Himself decides the due returns for it.
It is Baba who does and gets the work done through us. Even the receiver and the active force of help is Baba alone.

In our spiritual practice, we must bear in mind the truth that Sai is the Prime Mover of our lives.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Harshness is even Justified at Times

If we always remember Sai, we cannot behave harshly, since our hearts would be filled with the soft qualities like mercy, love and tolerance. Then, how could we survive in this deceptive world? Our superiors and peers may take a lenient view. Sometimes we may not be able to run the family in a right direction. We should be soft-hearted; but, if need arises, harshness should be made an option.

A mystic preached a snake-turned-yogi to be gentle. When the snake was harshly treated by people, the yogi chided the snake and spoke to it as, "I asked you not to bite anyone; but did I ask you not to hiss?" He wanted the snake to pose angry looks. Sometimes a mother, father or teacher might chide a child and their anger is not a mark of hatred, but is only meant for the welfare of the child. Although it appears harsh outside, it is love inside. A master might reprimand the servant, which is not with hate or vengeance. The master's intention is to improve his skill and make him progress in his career.
At times, Baba looked angry but then He declared that He would never get angry with His children. It means, the anger is not on His devotees but only on the adverse conditions. With His one shout, sufferings, diseases and problems of His devotees took to heels. The Merciful Baba delights in protecting His devotees.

Chavadi Celebration

In Shirdi, after the Samadhi Mandir, the most important sacred place to visit is Chavadi. Baba used to sleep there on alternate days. One day, some devotees sent a palanquin for Baba from Vardha region.

Raghuveera Purandhare decorated it with beautiful flowers. But Baba did not agree to mount it. Instead, they kept Baba's wooden footwear in it and took out a procession. Sai, being a kind mother, approved the celebration.

The Chavadi celebration is observed on alternate days since 10th December, 1909, without break. Before the great celebration done in the honour of Baba, Abdullah and Radhakrishna Mayee used to clean and wash the streets and adorn them with colorful patterns on the floor.

There would be a festive occasion with drums, chorales with hand-drums, torches and lights. Clothes would be spread from the Masjid to the Chavadi. Tatya would hold Baba's hands and make Him get up from His seat. He would honour Baba by covering Him with a gold-embroidered shawl. Baba would get ready for the procession towards the Chavadi with a baton (satka) under His arm-pit and a clay smoking pipe in His hand.

Sai Maharaj was escorted in a majestic manner by the devotees and accompanied by His royal horse Shyamakarna. They were fortunate to see that glorious day and let us recall the event, rejoice and be blessed.

Remain With Me Forever, Baba !

Allow me to walk along with You
But oh, how tall are You to my view
I pull Your hand, why don't You bend
I shall put a pathetic face, see, If You won't bend
See, Your height with mine is but equivalent
Into my eyes, yes, You will see, isn't it?
Those looks, in fact, appear very fondly
Resembling the cheer of mother-father jointly.
The feeding hand of mother, the kissing lips of father
Your love enormous is boundless, similar to theirs
Endearing, certainly charming is Your smile
Hereafter, You should stay with me all the while.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baba is Omniscient

"Sat", means that which exists forever and is in everything and everywhere. Thus, it is the Supreme Soul which remains immortal. Like God who has the power to burn our sins to ashes, even truth, like fire, has such power.

Although there are several bad qualities in us, we must make up our mind that "I will not speak falsehood. I always stand for truth". If purifying seeds are dropped into the muddy waters, they will absorb the impurities and purify the water.

Likewise, the one virtue of telling the truth will rid humans of all bad qualities. It is the mind that does many bad things than our actions. Though we invite a guest, in the mind we think 'this fellow has come now and might not leave without having food'. Speaking truth is like unlocking the heart and so we should give up bad thoughts.

Thus, a good thought gradually increases the right action and determination and removes all the vices from us. Baba resisted the evil-minded from entering Dwarakamayi. He is Omniscient and can read the thoughts of everyone in any corner of the world. However, being the Merciful Father, Baba dispels the evil forces from devotees' hearts, before taking them closer to Him. Siddique Phalke is one such example. If we enthrone truth in our hearts, Baba showers His love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Believers of Baba are Blessed With Bliss

God is the embodiment of love. Even the ever-glowing spirit of light in the hearts of people is a spark of the Divine Spirit. Therefore, people with unique love for God and strong determination will serve the entire multitude of species with love.

Baba takes care of every need of those who serve the society as a manifestation of Sai.

Not merely fulfilling our desires but keeping an eye on our future, Baba will offer whatever help we need. We have to serve Baba with love, devotion and obedience, but not pretend devotion for selfish gains.Baba is Omnipresent. He can read our minds even before we could speak.

Thus, He forbade many pseudo-devotees from climbing the Masjid steps.
But devotees with pure heart and love were rescued by Baba even though they were far away.

The moment we whole-heartedly cry, 'Baba! You are my everything', that very moment we are enlisted into His family.

Then,our family will be secure and peaceful behind the protective shield of Baba. Even such of the families that render service to Baba's devotees with faith in Him are not only put on the right path but their responsibilities are shouldered by Baba. He will even groom their children grow into good citizens. Their families will prosper and live in ever-new joy.

If we worship Baba with firm faith and love, He will always protect our families.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Devotion of God

To shower His grace on His children, the Compassionate God will reduce His infinite power and imprison Himself in the little frame of the human body made of five elements and live with us.

How blessed are we, the individuals, who receive such a glorious opportunity!

They are blessed who saw God Sai with their own eyes, touched Him with their hands, heard His words, talked to their heart's content with Him and received the sanctified food served by Baba.
When grief wells up in one's mind that one was not alive to be with Baba, Baba appears in one form or the other to His devotees saying "I am with you even now". True devotion is the pre-requisite to get blessed by Baba.Elders say that devotion means service and pure love for God.

Mhalsapathy did not ask for any boon from Baba. He felt that he was in Baba's presence always. It is supreme love of a devotee. Mhalsapathy, indeed, experienced unalloyed bliss by Baba's Grace. Though Gadadhara was not literate, he ardently prayed for God-realization. Guru Tothapuri guided him on the right path. Innocent Gadadhara was, thus, transformed into Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Devotion devoid of a steady mind is of no use.

If one surrenders to the All-Merciful God in total love and devotion, God Himself will get self-imprisoned in the hearts of such ardent devotees and liberates their fettered.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baba is the Embodiment of Peace

Upasani Baba, a saint and disciple of Sai, included a stanza in his hymn on the glory of Sri Sainath. It reads "Aham bhava heenam prasannatma bhavam" which means 'one who is without ego has a soul serene'.

A Perfect Master like Sri Sai, God Incarnate, who has consciousness of oneness, has no limited feeling of 'I'ness. Although He lived like an ordinary, mortal man, He did not have attachment to His body. He did not wish that everyone should reverentially treat Him or glorify Him.

A man called Nanavalli came to Sai Baba, who is revered by many as a Guru, and spoke impudently "Get out of Your seat, I must sit". Baba did not get angry or annoyed. With a calm smile, He got up and offered His seat to him. Nanavalli sat on the seat for a while, got up and prostrated before Baba and left.

What would we have done if we were in the place of Baba? We would have thought of Nanavalli as an arrogant, mad fellow. The lesson we can draw from Baba's gesture is this; if someone, taking pride in one's wealth, possessions and pomp, hurts or humiliates us, we should treat such persons and such situations as trivial and temporary as we constantly remember Sai and see Him in all as the Eternal One. We must pull out a man caught in the flame of arrogance. We can do so when we are cool-headed and remember Sai, the Abode of Serene Peace.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Trying Times, wait for Baba's Command

At times,even the greatest people face toughest situations. When the devotees of Baba are caught in between situations like 'the devil and the deep sea,' they would not hasten to overcome them. They pray to Baba to help them in crossing it. They would wait with patience till help reaches them.

They know that Baba's help would come to them at the right time. But, whether one should wait minutes, hours or days will be decided by Baba.

Sometimes the nature of ego "myself" will provoke a man to feel impatient. So, we should not hasten to conclude that help is not forthcoming. We should sincerely wait with patience and tolerance till the situation improves.

Baba is the Omniscient and is present everywhere. It is He, who decides what work to be done and at what time.

Do we continue the car journey when a thick blanket of fog envelops the path? If a valley is noticed on the side and thick fog in front, people with presence of mind and endurance would stop the car and wait till the fog melts away.
Likewise, if we patiently wait for Baba's help in times of trouble, the problems would melt like snow. Our path of life becomes trouble-free.

Baba used to ask the devotees to offer two coins, viz, faith and patience. Having faith in Baba, if we wait patiently, He will guide us safely and successfully to reach our destination.

Helping the Needy makes a Meaningful Life

Some of the saintly people seen in the present day world were just ordinary people once. The present day sages, like common people, were ordinary human beings once. They gladly go out with a happy heart and a sense of duty, and help and serve the needy wherever and whenever they are called upon. They are readily available to reach out to the helpless at any time and lend their helping hand willingly. These good Samaritans move about in such a manner that even the beneficiaries are unaware of their presence amongst them.

But there are some people who are always engrossed in selfish pursuits and do not find time to spare for others.

When we believe that God dwells in all, we will come to know the dire needs of people and would happily help them. God will appreciate and bless such good people by infusing sufficient energy into them to undertake even major projects of human welfare. This should be treated as a boon and we should spare our time, money, talents in the selfless service of others' welfare.

Of what use one's wealth hoarded and one's talents not put to better the lives of others?

Wealth hoarded and talents untapped are a sheer waste. Baba, the Ocean of Love, dwells in the hearts of those that move around and serve the needy wherever they are and makes their lives worthier.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sai Sacho Tero Naam

1. First and foremost because, in the words of Hemadripant the author of Shri Sai Satcharita, He has taken a vow to give you what you want.

2. And that too immediately "cash down". You ask with sincere devotion (shradhha) and patience (Saboori) and there is the result.

3. He is so easily pleased. No hard penance, no unbearable fasts, not even difficult concentration and control of senses. In his own words, "You look to ME and I look to you". Can there be anything simpler than this?

4. He has left His mortal body 80 years ago and even today thousands of devotees have experienced His presence, having met their demands. What more guarantee is required?

5. No money is required to worship Baba. He is pleased even with flowers, fruits, leaves or even water devotionally offered. You do not have to spend for travelling upto Shirdi also, He is available even from where you are 'even beyond seven seas'.

6. Ashes (Udi) from the fire burning eternally in His Dwarkamai is the cheapest and most infallible medicine of all deseases. The cost is only two paisa-faith and patience.

7. His life-history written by Hemadpant contains all the wisdom of Vedas,Upanishadas and Geeta in the form of simple stories and anecdotes. Reading them alone and following the advice therein, one can reach the goal of liberation without fail.

8. Repetition of His name 'SAI' is so short, so sweet and so easy to pronounce No twisting of tongue and no difficult accents.

9) Last but not the least, He, on fulfilling your demands in this world, ensures that you do not get caught in the dangerous network of this' Sansar'. Slowly He moulds you, guides you and takes you step by step to libration (Moksha) which is the key to eternal and everlasting bliss.

"Bow to Shri Sai and Peace Be to all"

Om Sai Nath...!!
(Every Moment: Thank Sai)