What God gives is never exhausted and what man gives never lasts !

The main objective, purpose and aim of this blog is to spread, educate and promote the principles, beliefs and teachings of the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba based on humility, devotion, service and equality among one and all.

“Baba has the perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it is worth the wait.”

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Should we Fear the Future?

The reason to fear about the future lies in our feeling of insecurity. There is no need for fear if we completely rely on Baba. God would look after our 'tomorrow', once we cast the responsibility on Him. In right spirit we can take anything we receive today, be it pleasure or pain.

Likewise, God might avert our troubles of tomorrow or might as well provide the mental stamina to face them. It would be foolish to worry about them much in advance, because, it is the very God who writes every chapter in the book of life from the prologue to epilogue. Hence, every page is meaningful. It would be enough to trust His feet.

When we have unflinching faith in Baba, He would protect us much like a father who shields His children. He even teaches us the essence of life as a father would to his children.

An astrologer predicted that Tendulkar's son would fail in his examinations as foretold in his horoscope. But his wife went to Shirdi and implored Baba for His Grace. Baba said 'with trust in Me, let him write the exam'. Tendulkar's son wrote the exam with faith in Baba and came out in flying colors.

We too can ignore a matter once we leave it to Baba saying, 'Baba! It's upto You as to how You will solve the problem'. We can keep children around and enjoy narrating them the Leelas of Baba.

Our faith in Baba will stand us in good stead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never loose faith in Baba even if the Heavens fall on you.

Even if Heavens fall down, never loose Faith in Baba. People with undeviating devotion will never deflect their minds from the thought of God and will never forget Him even when they face troubled times or losses. Those who seek God for mere fulfillment of physical desires and wealth will lose confidence the moment the tide turns against them. 
As long as we have plenty of money, people flock us and pose as intimate well-wishers. In trying times, no one would come to our rescue.
In such bad times, even our health might get deteriorated as if the God is testing us. Unmindful of these set-backs, if one prays with firm faith to Baba, the troubles will melt away, much like the mist melting away in the rays of the rising Sun. 
When difficulties engulf you, you should not feel frightened and dejected. Fill your heart with faith in God and pray to Him. At that hour, Baba showers His Grace on you like the beams of light to dispel darkness. Here, your duty is to wait patiently. Let us not lose hope or get disheartened that Baba did not help us at the hour of crisis.
Let us sincerely believe that Baba will remove all the troubles which are a result of our past deeds and the All-Merciful Baba paves a golden path for our bright future. 
This strong faith alone drives away all our fears. Therefore, never lose faith in Baba even if the Heavens fall on you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of What use is Your Hoarded Money?

God created this vast universe and gifted it to mankind to enjoy it. This is a common wealth. But, we, in our greed, would not like to share it with the needy but intend to enjoy it alone. This tendency creates many problems.

We would like to hoard money earned as "wealth asset" and still aim at multiplying it. We want to transfer our riches as inheritance to our children, but never want to share our wealth with others, thereby ignoring a vital aspect here.

The wealth amassed may slip into the hands of thieves or government. The river in which the water always flows would be fresh and pure. It is the nature of water to flow to make it remain normal. Likewise, money not spent for charities but hoarded will become waste and an useless asset.Human beings should cultivate the habit of donating a part of what they earn.

We have to donate to the poor, the old or the handicapped, either in cash or kind. Instead of donating, if we go on hoarding money, there would be no end to greed.

At the end of the day, the money hoarded would be of no use. But, the money spent on the poor would become useful. From this, the satisfaction of rendering timely help to others would come. We have to learn that God gifted us with wealth for this noble purpose. Let us share our wealth with the less fortunate ones. Let us deserve the grace of Beloved Baba, our God.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it

However intimate people are, they might be willing to share our pleasure and wealth but would not like to bear our burdens. Baba assured, He would become everything of theirs and bear their burdens, saying "You keep all your unbearable burdens on Me and be cool. I shall bear them all".

Here, 'burden' means 'weight' which means 'above our capacity to bear'. Baba spoke with motherly love 'cast your entire burden on Me'. Sri Sai assures us that He would bear the burden of those devotees who have unshakable faith and all-enduring patience, who have chosen the path of devotion seeking freedom from attachment to the fruits of one's effort. 

 But, people who indulged in earthly pleasures and attracted by assets and bonds, going into prayer room only when they get into trouble, will not get rid of problems. All of a sudden reaching Shirdi, standing before Samadhi Mandir and demanding "you promised to bear my burden, hence, instantly remove it", will not do! How will it?

Whatever life that we get by the deeds of our previous lives, we should be faithful and earnestly pray to Baba, "Lead us to Your presence, Father!" To Baba, the Almighty One, who bears the gigantic burden of this Vast Universe and guides its varied operations, it is but child's play to Him to bear our burdens. Knowing it, we remain cool by casting our burden on Baba.