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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only the Creator Heals


It is God who created the Universe. It is again His responsibility to sustain and protect the entire world. So, we have to realize the truth that the destinies of our lives are shaped by Him and we move under His command. We make use of many machines.

They are the great creations of scientists. God has endowed the scientists with the creative intelligence to make such wonderful inventions. When a machine breaks down, it has to be taken to its manufacturer so that it not only gets repaired but works for a longer time.

Even our body is like a machine. The repairs we make to the body machine are called diseases we suffer from and the disorder caused to our body-machines. Our ill-treatment of the body causes its illness.We have to pay the wages of sin by suffering from diseases. We rush to a doctor scared of our sickness. The medicines doctor prescribe might restore our health.

But, the will of Sainath is required to get services of the doctor in time or the doctor prescribes the right drug for cure. We must realize that repentance, devotion and faith in God will remove our sins. One devotee was suffering from a cancerous tumour on his body. He thought it would be better to die rather than bear the pain; but, then, Baba cured it with His sacred ash. When the Merciful Baba is there, there is no medicine so effective as Baba's Udhi.

The giver ever remains Happier than the receiver. 
A purified mind is a friend indeed.