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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The walls of Dwarkamai are made of gold

Shirdi Sai Baba once said, 'The walls of Dwarkamai are made of gold'.

In Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 34 Sai Baba says

'What my master gives me is real 'giving'

'My Master says , "Take, O take this away!" Everyone says, "Give, give only to me!" (material things). But no one heeds my words. No one listens to me attentively.

"His treasury is overflowing, but no one cares to bring the carts. Nobody will dig, when asked to do so. Nobody bothers to do so. No one bothers to make effort."

" I say, 'Dig the wealth and carry it away by the cart loads."

Sai Baba was indicating to the spiritual wealth, the divine love, the divine care that is present and overflowing waiting for the ones to fill them up with the same.

But sadly, most who go there have different things on their minds. The minds are too occupied with the material gold as it feels that the material gold will bring an end to most of their problems. It forgets that in divine love is the assurance of the much more than the gold could ever gives. Everything is taken care of when the mind is set totally on divine the divine takes care of whatever is needed.

Ah, but most of us lack that faith. Most of us think that let the gold come first, let other things that i desire come first.It uses a trick, God is always there, God is in out hearts, so let's worry about everything else other than God or divine love.

Real gold is the divine love and our mind and heart should be yearning for it. It is very easy to say God is in our heart and worry about other things, a little bit difficult to yearn for His divine love and divine love alone.

Further in the Sai Satcharitra chapter Sai Baba also says

"I need to go somewhere sometimes, I just go and sit down at the same place. But mind is caught in the bewilderment of Maya and suffers a deep plunge. This Maya is very difficult to overcome and reduce me to piteous condition. Day and night, I keep thinking of my own people."

"As you sow, so you reap. He who will bear in minds the words I have uttered, will enjoy priceless happiness."

Aum Shri SaiNathaya Namaha.