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Monday, October 20, 2008

Baba's Chavadi

(Photos courtesy : Sai Bhakta Dr.Vinni, Shirdi- Author of Ambrosia in Shirdi )
(Chavadi means 'meeting place of the villagers')


Chavadi means 'meeting place of the villagers'.
There are two Chavadis in Shirdi one south facing and the other north facing, this is now the Nagar Palika reading room. Baba at first stayed and slept, in the Masjid. Then He started sleeping on alternate days in the south facing Chavadi. This on account of terrible storm with strong wind and rain. Baba's devotees lovingly entreated Him to go and sleep in the Chavadi, as the Masjid being old and dilapidated, might not withstand the storm. At first Baba refused, but later He assented. Hence He stuck to this routine and so every alternate day He slept in this Chavadi (Ref. ESS, Ch. XXXIII).


After His Mahasamadhi Baba gave darshan in the dream of Ambaram of Nausari in 1953. Then Ambaram painted this portrait from his dream vision.. The villagers were attracted to this portrait and the leelas of Baba, so they collected subscriptions, framed it, and brought it to Shirdi and handed it over to the Sansthan. It was first proposed to keep this portrait m the Samadhi Mandir. But as the statue was being prepared this portrait was placed in the Chavadi. Baba used to sit at this very place during Sej (night) arati and Kakad (early morning) Arati.


This is the place where Baba slept every alternate day. This portrait in full royal attire (Raj Upachar) is taken on procession on Thrursday, and other holy days like Ramanavami, Gurupurnima, Dassara in the Palki and Rath. It has been there since Baba's time. Every Thursday after the noon Arati it is brought kept on the wooden cot for darshan.Then it is taken to Samadhi Mandir, where after 'Raj Upachar' it is taken in the Palki along with Baba's Padukas and Satka. Arati is done in the Chavadi, and chillim is offered to Baba in this portrait, then taken back to Samadhi Mandir for Sej Arati. It is brought back to the Chavadi, after Kakad Arati the next day.


Since December 10th 1910, devotees began to offer regular worship to Baba in this Chavadi. They brought in procession in a regal and royal manner from Dwarakamai to Chavadi. Even today on Thursdays and other festival days the procession can be seen.


Baba coughed off and on. This chair was presented by a devotee, for Baba to use, and move about in His old age. However, Baba moved freely and ocassionally with the help of His devotees. Baba did touch this chair, and kept it, but never made use of it.. This chair is placed on the north-western corner of the Chavadi.


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