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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chavadi Celebration

In Shirdi, after the Samadhi Mandir, the most important sacred place to visit is Chavadi. Baba used to sleep there on alternate days. One day, some devotees sent a palanquin for Baba from Vardha region.

Raghuveera Purandhare decorated it with beautiful flowers. But Baba did not agree to mount it. Instead, they kept Baba's wooden footwear in it and took out a procession. Sai, being a kind mother, approved the celebration.

The Chavadi celebration is observed on alternate days since 10th December, 1909, without break. Before the great celebration done in the honour of Baba, Abdullah and Radhakrishna Mayee used to clean and wash the streets and adorn them with colorful patterns on the floor.

There would be a festive occasion with drums, chorales with hand-drums, torches and lights. Clothes would be spread from the Masjid to the Chavadi. Tatya would hold Baba's hands and make Him get up from His seat. He would honour Baba by covering Him with a gold-embroidered shawl. Baba would get ready for the procession towards the Chavadi with a baton (satka) under His arm-pit and a clay smoking pipe in His hand.

Sai Maharaj was escorted in a majestic manner by the devotees and accompanied by His royal horse Shyamakarna. They were fortunate to see that glorious day and let us recall the event, rejoice and be blessed.