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Friday, September 18, 2009

Helping the Needy is the Great Virtue

To do good to others is to promote their welfare. God bestowed on man the capacity to help the living beings. It is not only our capability but it is our responsibility too.

Helping others is the best of the human Dharma. If one bird gets trapped, many birds flock around it and attract the attention of others so that the trapped bird may be released and saved. If birds have such a good trait of love and concern to help each other, man, blessed with intellect and wisdom, should be more kind and considerate to his fellow beings.

One may help when asked for help. It is God's help if one lends, unasked, his helping hand to the one in distress or in great need. Man should rise to such moral heights. To do good to the one who did good to us is a mark of humanity. It is Baba's philosophy that we should do good to the one who did hurt us. To love our enemies is divine. Selfishness aims at gains for one's self. Great are people who help others at their own loss. God loves such souls of selflessness. 

Ordinary people may help others as long as they do not lose much. Self-interest rules their minds. Some people deliberately hurt others whose success they are jealous of. They hurt others even if they did not lose anything. It is better to avoid the company of the evil-minded.

Only those with a heart full of love will be happy to serve the society. Baba-blessedly, they always live gladly.