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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Devotion is the Master-Key

The keys of iron safe are the symbols of house-holders' control of the house. Along with power, elderliness and responsibility are also linked to it. In fact, the keys must be in the competent and right hands. When such competent people have the quality of compassion, they only care for the welfare of the house. Unaware of the fact that the spiritual wealth concealed within us is far greater than the wealth stored in the safe, we show concern for the wealth hoarded. Body is like an iron safe in which we want to store wealth. Inside it, there is the divine light of the spirit that glows like precious jewels and gems. That is the greatest spiritual treasure of the soul, the Light of God.

To open that great treasure-house, the master-key 'devotion' is given to us. We should humbly treat the devotion-key Baba granted us and use it for self-liberation.In order to unearth the spiritual wealth within us, we should shed pride, sense of helplessness and dedicate our life to chanting Baba's Name.
Instead of making life a battle-ground for acquiring material wealth, if we worship Baba with a deep devotion, destroying our pride and arrogance, we experience ever-new divine bliss. Hence, in order to have the golden vision of the Spirit-Light glowing within the temple of our souls, we need the master-key of 'devotion' to unlock its doors.