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Monday, September 3, 2012

Reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra

Reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra

The life, work and teachings of Sadguru Sri Sainath are recorded in Sri Sai Satcharitra (holy book). Daily reading of the holy book and deep meditation on the teachings of Sai will ward off our sins.

Every devotee has to personally experience the immense relief by devoutly reading the holy book everyday.

Generally, people start reading the holy book with the sole object of getting their worldly desires fulfilled. It is good to make such a beginning as every good act had such a start. Definitely one must pray to Baba to fulfil one's material desires. By experiencing a worry-free, worldly life, one would, one day, look to Baba and pray, "Baba! I want to be with You alone".

Once a devotee savours the syrup of joy he gets from the constant reading of the holy book, he would think how petty and trivial the worldly desires are and will start reading the book only for the deep divine delight.

Reading makes them ponder over the deeper meaning of Baba's teachings and one gets inspired to apply them in one's life. And the day dawns, eventually, when one's mind gets attuned to Sai Love.

Then, everything is full of Sai. Parayana, literally means 'to be through with Sai's philosophy'. That is to say to cross over the outer meaning of words and grasp the essence of Sai Love in His teachings. This is the result of devout reading of the holy book, Sri Sai Satcharitra.