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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can one be ever truly happy?

Contributed Article: Can one be ever truly happy?

Have you ever wondered whether one can be truly happy? Happiness and sorrow are states of emotion that is experienced by all of us. Both of them are like two sides of a coin. And both of them come in cycles one after the other. We feel excited, estatic, etc. when we are happy and conversely we feel sad, dejected, etc when we feel sorrow. 

Sorrow hurts more as it negatively plays with our ego, senses and seems to last longer than happiness. Sometimes sorrowful states drives one to such extreme despair that one feels like committing suicide to get out of that pain. It is during hard and sorrowful times that a person's self confidence is at its lowest and one starts to depend on external energies and sources to survive. In all humility one approaches anyone who can help. In such a time, the ever merciful loving and compassionate Sadguru, comes running to the rescue. He takes care of his children and makes them tide over tough times. Then comes the cycle of happiness and joy as one slowly rises and starts taking control of their lives. 

That little voice sitting inside starts raising its ugly head and one gets into the grip of ego, the other senses and maya that plays all around us. Desire after desire start flowing in as waves in an ocean never ending and ever playing with our minds. Despite having enough for a decent living, one falls again into the trap of sorrowful state.

It is said that we all have to suffer the consequences of our Karma. Karma is mostly misunderstood as a form of physical action only. Karma is not limited to physical action, it is also generated because of our mental actions. In fact every thought that originates in the mind is causing Karma. Be it positive or negative. Surrendering one to the feet of the Sadguru by constantly and consistently keeping Sadguru in our thoughts is the only means of negating Karma. That continuous process leads one to differentiate and through differentiation arises a state of mind that recognizes that happiness and sorrow are caused by inside forces and not from outside influences. Control of the inside forces by complete surrender to the Sadguru is the key to true happiness.