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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Devotees Experiences - Shyamal Barooah - Bangalore,

Sharing his second experience - Shyamal Barooah - Bangalore 

Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahmma 
Sri Sachidananda Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Dear devotees!

I, Shyamal Barooah would like to share my recent experiences took place while during visit to Shirdi on 15th and 16th August 2015. 

1) In my earlier experiences mentioned about my gastric problem which I had been suffering since last 2 and half years!  I was in annual vacation in May 2015 and spent nice time for one month is Assam and Bangalore with my family and came back in June first week to Nigeria. During the vacation we were blessed by Baba to visit Shirdi with the family – my wife and 2 daughters. At that time also I had little problem in my stomach and I took some Ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore. Still it did not help so much! It became severe and I was very uncomfortable and worried.…I thought that some serious thing has happened in my stomach. 

At that time my family was supposed to join me in Nigeria in the first week of August and didn’t know what to do!! If they come to Nigeria then immediately it would not be possible for me to go to India and get checked up by doctor!!I will have to wait for one year! So I was in fix and started praying Baba day and night to cure me and bless me to get rid of this suffering. I was confused whether I should go to India or not for medical check-up?? But my mind says continuously to go to Shirdi first and then check with doctor!!When I get confused then normally I keep 2 chits of papers by writing “Yes” and “No” and place them at Baba’s feet. It was Thursday 13th August and I decided to do so and after my usual special Puja on Thursday I placed those 2 chits ( going to Shirdi ”Yes” and not going to Shirdi ”No”) after reciting “Sai Amritvani” . With Baba’s wish I picked up the chit “Yes”. Then my happy knew no bounds and thought Baba has listen to my prayer and hence calling to Shirdi to bless me……there was no second thought also…I immediately planned to go to India next day Friday 14th August and accordingly took permission from higher authority and booked the ticket immediately.

As soon as I reached Mumbai early in the morning our known driver Anil was waiting for me in Mumbai International Airport and we started for Shirdi early in the morning. By that time I was in tension and during last 2 months I have lost 4-5 Kgs of weights. Actually I was advised by doctor to lose weight, so I worked out in Gym and controlled food habits. Anil was surprised to see me loosing weights because 2 months before I was quite fat!! 

We reached Shirdi by 12:30 pm noon and saw Shirdi was overcrowded…lakhs of lakhs people….it was “Shravan” month and Saturday/Sunday holidays…so lakhs of people flocked to Shirdi which I never saw in last 5 years since 2010 till 2015. Even once I was in “Maha Ram Navami festival” in Shirdi but it was not like that crowded. After I took my bath and rest, I went for Baba’s darshan in the afternoon……..first time I was in the long queue started from Laxmi temle at pimpalwadi road towards entry gate no 2.

With Baba’s grace I had a nice Darshan in Samadhi Mandir and prayed from bottom of my heart and also placed my prayers written in a piece of paper which was placed at Baba’s feet and Samadhi with the help of the Panditji who sits on Baba’s Samadhi platform. That moment onwards my stomach pain/ gastric/ uneasiness has turned to a different situation. I have started feeling relaxed. It took only 2 and half hours to complete the Darshan in spite of heavy crowed. That night I ate happily and it did not give me trouble. I thanked Baba for that night and I slept well also. I planned to go for Kakad Arati next morning 16th Sunday…thought of going at midnight 2 am…but I was so tired that could not make out! Ultimately I got ready by early morning 5 am…once I reached Pimpalwadi road from my hotel…I was surprised to see the Darshan queue….this time it was much much longer the previous day that I had to stand at least 1- 2 km away from the main gate no 2…. I was very sad, thought this time I would not be able to see Baba’s Mangal Snan and Kakad Aarati…..I tried to get into the line from various sources but in vain. 

With Baba’s wish I managed to go and see Mukh Darshan via Archway gate 3 and got one drop of "Tirtha" left over water from Baba’s Mangal Snan Which I was intended to get it since I decided to go to Shirdi. Baba had read my wish also and fulfilled! Thank you so much Baba! I wanted to have another Darshan and put my prayers again at BABA’s feet as I planned to bring my family this time together to Nigeria. Then I decided to stand on the existing queue and hence started from 2 km away and on that day my flight was at night 9:45 pm to Bangalore from Mumbai. I had to leave Shirdi at any cost by 1pmto by car with Anil driver which will take minimum 5 – 6 hours to reach Mumbai….Sunday also heavy traffic in Mumbai…..there is no chance for any VIP pass …all were closed…so I prayed Baba and stand on same long queue….Baba has again listened to my prayer and within few hours I had a nice Darshan and this time placed my prayers at BABA’s Idol feet and by 12 pm I was out of the Samadhi Mandir with fully satisfied. Om Sai Ram Baba… ..Baba Thank you so much!

After the Darshan, I have done parikrama of Gurusthan along with the Neem Tree , praying Baba to bless me with a “Neem leaf” and bless me to get cured of my stomach problem completely. The security guard never allowed anyone to stop for a second also as it was too crowded. When I was praying by closing my eyes upward towards the “Neem Tree” to give me a Neem leaf as a blessing…I heard the same security guard was calling me….I opened my eyes and saw him insisting me to go away….then he approached me and told me to open my hand. I did so..….surprisingly he had put a “Neem leaf” on my hand and asked to move immediately! I did not know what to say, what to do!!!I was so overwhelmed and happy that did not know how to thank the security personnel! I felt BABA himself has come and gave me this Neem Leaf. I thanked the security guard from bottom of my heart and took another round…I wanted to thank him again…this time he told me not to worry but if I can give him something for ’tea”. I felt so Sorry that…I even did not have any money at that time to give him as I have already distributed lots of change money to the beggars inside the temple .I usually keep changes to distribute  money for beggars in Shirdi. I said Sorry to him but this "Debt" is always pending for me…..I prayed Baba…please arrange the meeting with the same security guard with me next time when I visit Shirdi. I will definitely help him in my capacity.

Ananta koti Barahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraj Yogiraj ParabrahmMa Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

2) I reached Bangalore on Sunday 16th midnight and very happy to see my family. Next day morning I had appointment with Appollo hospital doctor. Before I went to hospital I took Baba’s Udi and went to nearby Baba’s temple get Baba’s blessings! Doctor advised me to go through all test…endoscopy, ultrasound, lever test, blood test, urine test etc. It is so surprising that with BABA’S grace everything was normal. I thanked Baba from my bottom my heart and did not know what to say! My eyes beamed with tears….Doctor told me not to worry.it is a normal IBS symptoms……it happens to people. Baba has taken care of me!See Baba’s Leela!
Dear friend and devotees, Baba is always with us and he shows his presence everywhere, anytime and helps his devotees who keep him in heart!

Thank you so much BABA to take care of us like this!

3) Recently I have seen Baba’s name on a backside of an auto rickshaw in Nigeria….while going to office I was just thinking Baba is always there, it is just impossible to expect in Nigeria where all auto rickshaw drivers are either Muslim or Christian….they obviously don’t know who is Sai Baba……but I saw Baba’s name and took a picture of it.

4) Then we all reached Nigeria safely and happily with Baba’s grace…