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Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it

However intimate people are, they might be willing to share our pleasure and wealth but would not like to bear our burdens. Baba assured, He would become everything of theirs and bear their burdens, saying "You keep all your unbearable burdens on Me and be cool. I shall bear them all".

Here, 'burden' means 'weight' which means 'above our capacity to bear'. Baba spoke with motherly love 'cast your entire burden on Me'. Sri Sai assures us that He would bear the burden of those devotees who have unshakable faith and all-enduring patience, who have chosen the path of devotion seeking freedom from attachment to the fruits of one's effort. 

 But, people who indulged in earthly pleasures and attracted by assets and bonds, going into prayer room only when they get into trouble, will not get rid of problems. All of a sudden reaching Shirdi, standing before Samadhi Mandir and demanding "you promised to bear my burden, hence, instantly remove it", will not do! How will it?

Whatever life that we get by the deeds of our previous lives, we should be faithful and earnestly pray to Baba, "Lead us to Your presence, Father!" To Baba, the Almighty One, who bears the gigantic burden of this Vast Universe and guides its varied operations, it is but child's play to Him to bear our burdens. Knowing it, we remain cool by casting our burden on Baba.