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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of What use is Your Hoarded Money?

God created this vast universe and gifted it to mankind to enjoy it. This is a common wealth. But, we, in our greed, would not like to share it with the needy but intend to enjoy it alone. This tendency creates many problems.

We would like to hoard money earned as "wealth asset" and still aim at multiplying it. We want to transfer our riches as inheritance to our children, but never want to share our wealth with others, thereby ignoring a vital aspect here.

The wealth amassed may slip into the hands of thieves or government. The river in which the water always flows would be fresh and pure. It is the nature of water to flow to make it remain normal. Likewise, money not spent for charities but hoarded will become waste and an useless asset.Human beings should cultivate the habit of donating a part of what they earn.

We have to donate to the poor, the old or the handicapped, either in cash or kind. Instead of donating, if we go on hoarding money, there would be no end to greed.

At the end of the day, the money hoarded would be of no use. But, the money spent on the poor would become useful. From this, the satisfaction of rendering timely help to others would come. We have to learn that God gifted us with wealth for this noble purpose. Let us share our wealth with the less fortunate ones. Let us deserve the grace of Beloved Baba, our God.