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Friday, November 6, 2009

Live a Life of Dew-Drop on a Lotus Leaf

The wise say that one should live like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf. God created the lotus leaf in such a manner that it does not get wet by the dew-drop. The lesson that the dew-drop on a lotus leaf teaches us is that we, made up of five elements are part of maya, should live unaffected by illusion (maya).  
Great souls descended on the earth in the form of noble teachers, the pious fakirs, saints and lived among us. They set an example to us as to how to live in the world of illusion, like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf. 
If Lord Rama grieved for his wife Sita or ordered her to pass the test of fire, it was only to uphold the dharma of monogamy of His time, not for Himself. 
Lord Krishna consumed butter and sand, got Himself balanced with basil leaves, bowed to Satyabhama or uttered lie only to uphold the Truth and not for His personal end. 
Likewise, Sadguru Sai begged alms, took money as dakshina, played marbles with kids, feigned anger only for the welfare of the world or good of His devotees. 
The leelas, miracles of Sai, as recorded in the Sai Satcharitra, reveal the secrets of the Supreme Spirit and Divine Delight and guide us live without getting touched by illusion, live like a dew-drop on a lotus leaf-though we live in the world of dualities of joy and sorrow, we learn to rise above them in the light of the life of Sadguru Sainath.