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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Appreciation Redoubles One's Enthusiasm

It is but natural for humans to expect kudos and appreciation for the work accomplished. An appreciative word will redouble enthusiasm and boosts one's self-confidence. For the people suffering from inferiority complex, a word of praise serves as a tonic to their brain and an appropriate pat on their backs will act like a potion of strength. A simple word of praise will lift their confidence and causes a sea-change in their behaviour and makes them reckon their strength.

All said and done, there would be none who would not be happy with words of appreciation. If we speak a word of appreciation of the good deeds of a person, it acts like a fertilizer applied at the right time to the soil and will yield harvest of happiness.If a landlord recognizes a hard-working farmer and appreciates, "You have done well", he feels elated and works with renewed enthusiasm.

Baba used to appreciate His devotees even for little accomplishments in order to bring out their latent talent. It could be in the word-form of appreciation or an article of love for inducing them to do some more good deeds. Baba's philosophy is to give bigger rewards even for a little effort. To seek liberation, it is sufficient to serve the society which is the other image of God.

To get Baba's reward that blesses us live in enduring bliss, we have to appreciate and encourage good deeds.