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Friday, August 14, 2009

Shirdi Saibaba - Shun Craze for Wealth, seek Baba's Refuge

Only Baba can make our hearts happier.
When we derive satisfaction and joy only in the earthly pursuits, truth cannot be perceived. Baba cautioned us not to feel proud of one's transitory wealth. One's soul will be sucked into the whirlpool of worldly desires if one's mind gets trapped by the craze for building big granaries, amassing illegal wealth and hoarding it instead of sharing it with the needy.
Baba narrated a similar story about a rich man and exhorted His devotees not to become so.

When Baba blesses us with abundant wealth, we should not desire it as a permanent asset.
Wealth is like a bubble and people who expect to obtain pleasure and comfort out of riches are the ignorant ones. Money should not stagnate like water in a well. It should be, like a running brook, useful to the society. Thus, the pride of wealth should not overpower the mind. It is sufficient to trust in the divine incarnation of Baba who grants us everything required for a happy life.

The real valuables of life are love, compassion, austerity, truthfulness, obedience and a joyful soul.
We should always pray to Baba to bless us with such spiritual riches and not for the material wealth that glows for a while and perishes. God is the Eternal One.

Gold and silver can fulfil our earthly desires, but cannot buy Baba-Blessed Bliss and His Presence.