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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shirdi Saibaba - Wisdom in Sayings, Proverbs, Messages

'Sayings' refer to a word. It is a medium through which we express our feelings to others. A person's reputation gets enhanced by the power of good words spoken.

Word has power to develop or destroy self-confidence of a person.
At times, words work like good medicine. Words heal sick minds and bodies. Words that teach good and show good are called a 'proverb'.
Some great souls with their mellowed spiritual wisdom have gifted the humanity with gems of truth through words and books. This is the priceless treasure of wisdom entrusted to us.

Baba always taught "although you may not do charity always, but do not scold or drive away those who seek your alms or beg". It is not mere proverb. It is a leading light in our hand that guides our lives. We would say a good word for the benefit of someone. A word thus spoken for the good of others must be beneficial. We should abide by it. Words that warn us to mend our behaviour might appear bitter. Still, they should be implemented. We know how much Damu Anna gained by following Baba's advice by not investing in a trade.

When we are in a dilemma whether to do a work or not, Baba guides us in one form or the other. We should immediately obey and get benefited and saved.
We should, therefore, cultivate the habit of talking less but in a smoother, sweeter, polished manner.