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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never Disheartened While Reaching Your Goal

The journey of life is nothing but striving to reach our life's goal. We get tired in this long sojourn. Several hurdles are encountered on the way. To overcome them, we need enormous strength of mind. Mind is the source of it. Fearing the advent of obstacles, some people would not start any work and remain where they are. Many of us belong to this category.
They have no desire to grow either materially or spiritually. Some people would start any work with much fan-fare. But one set-back would draw them away from work. They are the weak and the fallen ones. Very few people have the ability to withstand and remain firm in the face of tests or set-backs. They taste success. The difference between them is the resolute mind and endurance.
Body gets nourished by the intake of food. Mind gets strengthened only by practice. The Ever-Compassionate Baba, will grant the much-needed mental strength to His devotees through rigorous practice. Baba says, "Look to Me, Your burden is indeed Mine".
If such assurance of Baba is with us, we can climb any mountain of hardship. Just as the mountaineer takes the support of the rock, the devotee can reach the pinnacle of life with the mighty support of Baba's Grace.
One could face the challenges of life with a stout heart and resolute mind. With Baba's Grace, we can reach the Abode of Self-Liberation.