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“Baba has the perfect timing – never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it is worth the wait.”

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avoid hasty decisions, wait for Baba's commands

Some men assume that they have unusual talent and unmatched power to accomplish any Herculean task. Drunk of this arrogant attitude, whatever task they undertake may not always yield the expected results. Self-confidence is good, but it is dangerous when it exceeds the bounds.

The ego will blind us to see the truth that there is the divine power beyond the limits of human ability and power. That is arrogance coupled with ego. Pride is the primary cause of man's down-fall.

When confronted by a certain problem, some people assume that they are capable of tackling it. Without understanding the nature of the problem, they venture hasty decisions, miserably fail and incur loss. But, by praying to Baba, our Living God, we can find solutions to our problems and succeed in our works.We have to realize that neither success nor the grace of Baba can be won in haste.

To get right solutions to our problems from Baba, we need to confidently wait with expectation.

The blooming of a flower or the ripening of a fruit is possible by the will of Baba only. Even it takes some time. Likewise, when our problems get complicated, we have to patiently wait for Baba’s directions. Waiting expectantly is unavoidable.
If we repose firm faith in Baba and pray with deep devotion, Baba helps us solve our intricate problems, is a trice, by His Divine Touch.