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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let not Your Tongue Crave for Varied Tastes

Taking food is common to all living species. But, we should eat only to nourish and take care of our body. We should eat to live and not live to eat. We see some people around us who seem to have taken birth only to eat. They will fly into temper and throw away the dinner plate if a pinch of chilly powder is sprinkled less or rice cooked soft. They abuse the cook who prepared the food. They behave as if they exist only for the sake of food and their life a sheer waste if they are forced to eat tasteless food. Will that food remain forever in the stomach? Such people should remember Baba's teachings.

Baba used to mix up every item of food, such as sweets, puris and curries He brought by begging from houses of devotees, got them sanctified and shared it with whoever came to Him, be a servant or dog or crows etc., and ate only the left-over food, without caring for taste.

Constantly conscious of Sai, we must emulate Sai when we take food.
Whether food cooked in a day is tastier or not, it should be partaken as a gift of Sai. Once we get this feeling, there is nothing to do with tastes. Sai used to take lot of care about the food He cooked and served. He would make the dishes as tasty as possible. The lesson we may draw is that we should never give importance to the taste of food we consume. Yet, we should take utmost care while feeding others.