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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trust Your Ability and Pray for God's Support

It would be a misconception to think that we are living by our own ability. Whatever work we do, it should be treated as a work entrusted to us by God. The task should be accomplished as commanded by our Master, Baba. We must remember that the capability of doing it is also gifted by Him. We have to seek Baba's blessings to accomplish the work successfully.

Then, by the grace of Sainath, our abilities will be put to effective use and the task gets performed.When a kid was attempting to lift a load beyond his capacity, his father asked, "Are you making full use of your strength?" The boy impatiently replied "Yes". Again, the father asked "why did you not seek my help?" It means that in times of need if the Heavenly Father Baba's assistance is not sought and utilized, we should realize that we did not tap our capacity to the maximum extent. Though it looks little, Baba's help would indeed be of great help to us.

Hence, we should get ready to receive such help from Baba
. His blessings will make our every effort fruitful. The one who does not receive His help is nothing and only when our hearts are filled with Him, we become true devotees. Before undertaking any mighty task, our foremost duty should be to pray the Almighty, "Baba! I can accomplish the task only with your divine help, co-operation and blessings".