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Friday, July 17, 2009

Speak on Good Topics, when People are Around

Where few people get together, they converse on several topics. Sometimes they speak on good topics, sometimes they indulge in empty gossip. The mind which should always be pure gets contaminated with the filth of words. So, there is no opportunity to contemplate on God.
After sometime, there would be no thought of praying to God. Although our intellect commands us to do so, mind would not put efforts in that direction. This is called pollution of mind. Without a definite goal in life, like a rudderless boat, we roam about getting enticed by attachment, hatred, selfishness and become slaves to our senses.

The power of intellect which stops our degeneration would get weakened. Since things did not happen as we wished, we get despaired and may tend to behave in a beastly manner.

Like a sinner spoiling the pious, bad conduct attempts to bring the downfall of people around us. Baba says, "Opinions differ where people gather". Man is a social being.

So, when several people gather, the temptation to talk on useless subjects should be avoided. Instead, discussing on inspiring topics that help one and all will serve the purpose of leading them on the right path. If anyone tries to speak bad, we must check and teach him to talk good. We should try to inculcate a sense of spirituality and share it with one and all.