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Monday, July 27, 2009

Wishes of the Righteous Get Fulfilled by God

God, the All-Watchful, shall never abandon His children in the dark when firm faith is reposed in Him. If we are moving on the path of righteousness by seeking His shelter and serving humanity with a feeling of serving God, He will surely fulfill our desires. But, what kind of desires are fulfilled? Selfish desires meant to harm others will get successfully repulsed by the Omnipotent Baba. He will not even accept our own desires that may harm us. Is it not justified?Will the mother accept the infant's desire to play with fire? God too is like that.

A desire which is not harmful to others and devoid of evil thought will definitely get fulfilled. God cannot bear seeing His children getting hurt. Besides, not only things we justly desire for, but even things we rightly deserve are granted to us without being asked. Instead of seeking boons, if one seeks more devotion and liberation, our Merciful Baba will certainly shower His Divine Grace.

If we meditate on Him with a pure heart, He will grant us not just things asked for but grant us the good things unasked for.
We must understand that if a particular desire is not fulfilled, it is because of the fact that it does no good to us and therefore He did not grant it.

When Baba, who grant boons even without asking for them, is with us, where is the need for asking Him specifically?