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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Secret of Happy Life Lies in Doing Works with Utmost Sincerity

Every one longs for and labours to experience happiness in life. But, one does not know where happiness lies or the source from which it could be derived. Even though God shows us the path, we are unable to sight it and experience the natural in-built springs of joy.

For this, Baba showed a simple and natural method.
We must make God know every action we do. In everyday life, we do several "works" for livelihood. Tilling land, cooking food, attending to house-hold chores and upbringing the children etc. If we feel, they are being done for the sake of someone else, they look tough and burdensome.
However, without selfish attitude, if we treat them as a responsibility to accomplish, they do not appear tough to us. Whatever work we are entrusted with has to be done.

If we attend to the work and offer it at the altar of God, the work does not look tough or strenuous. When there is no strain, we need not feel sick or tired. Same work and same effort, but one works joyously. Our thought, word and deed get integrated as our head, heart and hand get involved in the work.

Transparency and purity mark our deeds if they reflect our thoughts. It is Divinity.
Joy wells up within us because the Ever-Joyous Baba dwells within us and we can joyously journey through life.